Friday, November 25, 2011

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Today i'm continue my story about "trip to Indonesia"

hey hey, i found something that cannot be found in Malaysia..

That is it!

hehe...Lucky Stike cigarettes.

only in Indonesia! very cheap, compared with malaysian price

**aku beli rokok ni di Solo, Indonesia
Harga di sana 10,600 rupiah... bersamaan RM3.12...murah kan?? hehe 


  1. Eyda : aah,murah giler..itulah untungnya jadi orang Malaysia, ekonomi negara kita agak stabil.. =)

    *eh2,camna hang bole jumpa blog kedua aku nih?? haha

  2. Are you paying over $5 per pack of cigarettes? I'm buying my cigarettes over at Duty Free Depot and this saves me over 60% on cigarettes.

  3. VaporFi is the #1 electronic cigarettes supplier on the market.


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