Sunday, January 30, 2011

My TZR125 is back~!

Hello guys, it's been a long time that i'm not update my blog..
It's because i'm always busy on my study..hehehe...
There have so many assignment and project to do in this tired being a university student...=.="

Now,it's been a mid semester break. I got a week for rest and enjoy my holiday~! 
So,my 1st day of this mid semester break are used for repaired my TZR125~! =)
i went to the half-cut shop n buy several part for my bike...
i've changed the radiator, rectifier and the battery...
when i 'switch on' my bike, i heard something...............

yuhuuuuu...the 'power valve' of my TZR have functioned~!
i'm really happy..yayyyyyy~! (^^)

i've parked my bike in my,i can back to my village..home sweet home (^^)


  1. bro..tu rim ori tzr ea??

  2. yup2..tu rim ori TZR 1st model..kalau TZR 2nd model,rim nye tk sme cm tu..^^


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