Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i found retro bikes at Singapore PART 1 - Honda CG125

haha..sounds good right..? i found a few number of retro bikes while i'm travelling to Singapore. 

Who knows about Honda CG125..??
yaaa, i found this bike at Singapore. Nowadays in Malaysia, usually we can find this model at the 'futures market'. they use this bike to assist them to sell 'Apam Balik'~!! hahahaha...(heiii Apam Balik is delicious malaysian food okey..hehe)
But what i saw in Singapore,it's different~!! it's similar but different (really??). 
 Okey, let me show you what i mean...
hehehe...they use Honda CG125 to sell ice-cream...Nice~!
Not enough yet..there have one more thing i want to show you..

can you see what i see..??? hehehe
Then, i said "wowww~!!"
It's YAMAHA RD125LC sport rim~!
The ice-cream seller use this rim at his 'bike stall'.
very nice and rare..hehehehe
I think if this Malaysian ice-cream seller use this sport rim,maybe this stall have been kidnapped~! =D
At the time, i'm thought to ask him, "hello sir, would you like to sell this sport rim?? yess~! i want this sport rim, not ice-cream"..hehehehe =p

*** this is example of Honda CG125 (standard)

to be continued...........................................


  1. yess !!! CG ... carburator paling best aku pernah guna kat ex5 aku dulu main corner ...
    Tak slop macam TS ...

    Carburator dia menarik, dok kat sebelah kanan engine .. kalau orang curi .. owner sendiri tak sedar dalam tu dah kosong .. hahahha

  2. bublers : yeke? wahhh aku pun tk pnh try lg ..hehehe...
    tp bro,rsenye honda CG ni karburatornye kt luar.cuba tgk gambo tu btl2..setahu aku,karburator yg duk kt sblh kanan enjin tu moto suzuki GP dan Suzuki TRS.. ^^


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